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Learn about scientific concepts and cutting-edge research with fun, challenging projects made from everyday stuff!

Robot Sensor Lab
Based on my new book BOTS! from Nomad Press
Sensors help robots explore the world around them. Find out how different kinds of sensors work and make a light-up paper pressure sensor to take home! (1 hour, ages 8 and up, max 25 participants)

Also ask about other popular Amazing Robotics programs like Programmable Cardboard Robots, Solar WobbleBots, and Gravity-Powered Robot Walkers!

Imagine Your Story: Fantasical Games
Code Your Own Game or Controller
Working in teams, older kids and teens can create their own games using free, online software that lets them continue to learn at home! (Ages 10 and up, maximum 15 participants) Two options available:
• Build and code game controllers like giant Simon boards or laser tag pins
• Code and animate retro video games for computers, phones, or tablets!

It’s a STEAM project with a literary twist! Remake empty cereal boxes into buzzing, light-up gameboards featuring your favorite fantasy character. (2-3 hours, max 15 participants) Also: PinBox 3000 fantasy DIY pinball games!


General Program Information
•           Fees range from $325 to $450, based on materials and travel (included in the fee)
•           Kids take home what they build (except for programmable electronic parts)
•           I offer workshops year-round, including half-day, whole-day, and multi-session programs.
•           Book multiple workshops or refer me to another library and I’ll include a free copy of a book!


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