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Binary Bead Badge

Binary Name Badge

Mini Abacus

Mini Abacus Pin

Jug Band

Recycled Jug Band

Cake in a Mug

Cake in a Mug Mix

Milk Carton Coin Purse

Milk Carton Change Purse

Crafts from the Books

robotics book

Hack a Doodle Track Car into A Light-Seeking Robot


Discover the Silk Road

Make a Mirage

Around the World Crafts book

coil basket

Coil Basketmaking

Sand Mandalas
Tibetan Sand Mandalas

Quilling Boxes
Early American Paper Quilling


Silk Road book

Gordian Knot

Healthy Spiced Tea


World Myths and Legends

Make a Japanese Daruma Egg Doll


Bug Crafts

Ant Farm

Two Jar Ant Farm

Butterfly Observatory

Butterfly Observatory

Cricket Chirper

Cricket Chirper

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Integrated Science

Robotics Book

2012 Chicago Public Library
"Best of the Best"

Geek Mom book

Fun Science and Crafts Projects for Moms and Kids!


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