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Fun Learning Activity Books by Kathy Ceceri

Discover the Science and Technology of the Future

From Nomad Press

Robotics book

2012 Chicago Public Library "Best of the Best" Book!

Learn how robots really work
with low tech/no tech projects you can do in the classroom

Robot Bead Pin

Print the freeTeacher's Guide

Bring Amazing Robotics Projects programs to your school or library

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Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

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Making Simple Robots
From Make magazine/Maker Media

Making Simple Robots book

Explore Cutting-Edge Robotics With Everyday Stuff!


Beginning robot fans can learn soldering, 3D printing,
Arduino programming and more

Tensegrity Robot
Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore
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Visit the Making Simple Robots page

Invent Your Own Country and Culture

Micronations book

"The book hits every major point in a way that's educational as well as entertaining." -- Eric Lis MD, Founder of the Aerican Empire

Micronations Map

Explore geography, government, economics, and culture while you create a country of your very own.

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Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

Visit the Micronations Programs page

Geek Mom
GeekMom Book

Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st-Century Families

Projects include:

Supereasy, Supercheap Superhero Costumes

Groovy Lava Lamp Chemistry

Snack Food Hacks

Wearable Mini Abacus

Plasma Sparks in Your Microwave!

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Autographed copies available from Northshire Bookstore

The Silk Road
Explore the World's Most Famous Trade

Silk Road book

See how ideas in math, science, religion, and art were spread by travelers along with the treasures they found.

Written and Illustrated by Kathy Ceceri

Model Yurt

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Visit the Nomad Press website to find Silk Road books, websites, and a sample activity

Visit the Silk Road programs page

Discover the Desert
The Driest Place on Earth

Discover the Silk Road

2010 Skipping Stones Honor Award WInner!

Skipping Stones Honor Award

Explore Cool Science and Amazing History with 20 Fun Activities

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Find lots of desert resources at the Nomad Press
Discover the Desert webpage.

Extra! Hatch Your Own Prehistoric Desert Triops

Desert Triops Shrimp

Visit the Discover the Desert Program page

World Myths and Legends
25 Projects You Can Build Yourself

World Myths and Legends

Multicultural Literature, History, and Science Activities!

Hindu Rangoli


Extra! Fun facts and resources World Myths and Legends

See programs based on World Myths and Legends


Order from Amazon in Paperback and Hardcover

Around the World Crafts

Great Activities for Kids Who Like History, Math, Art, Science and More!

Available as:

Downloadable eBook from Scribd

Large-size full-color paperback from Amazon


See programs based on Around the World Crafts

Girl Robot Hand

Paper Inventions

Making Simple Robots

Robotics Book

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Build a Bug House

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