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Summer Library Program for 2010: Make a Splash!

Build Your Own Waterwheel!

Foam Plate WaterwheelModel Waterwheels

Kids can learn about one of the earth’s most plentiful energy sources – hydropower – by building a waterwheel that really works! Using books and models, participants will see how water power has been used around the world and right here in the Northeast. They'll look at examples of waterwheels that grind flour, turn machinery in mills, and generate electricity and find out how they work. Then they'll use a selection of materials to design and make their own. Can be done indoors or out!

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Build a Waterwheel News

Build Your Own Waterwheel library programs are a hit with kids and adults!

Summer Library Program

Wheels at Work is where I got the waterwheel project -- it has lots of other great activities, too!

Wheels at Work book

Here's a creative waterwheel made by a student in my Science + Art class this spring!

Waterwheel Spoons

We're going to be displaying the new Thames & Kosmos Hydropower kit with this year's waterwheel program. It lets you make a sawmill, hammermill and electrogenerator. Read my review of the Hydropower kit on Wired.com's GeekDad blog!

Thames & Kosmos Hydropower Kit

We'll also be looking at the excellent book Mill by David Macaulay

Mill by David Macaulay


Build a Waterwheel Links

Mills and Water Power from Old Sturbridge Village

Information on Renewable Hydropower from Energy Kids

Virtual Tour of a Hydroelectric Plant from Brookfield Power

See one version of my waterwheel craft at Wired.com

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