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Making Simple Robots

Making Simple Robots: Exploring Cutting-Edge Robotics With Everyday Stuff

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Learn soldering, 3D printing, Arduino programming and more

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Robotics book

Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future

2012 Chicago Public Library
"Best of the Best" Book!

Published by Nomad Press

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Learn how robots really work with low tech/no tech projects you can do in the classroom

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The Amazing Robotics program introduces kids to the robotics embedded in their toys and electronics, and opens their imaginations to new ways to use technology in everyday life!

Author Kathy Ceceri's programs for kids include materials and instruction. Students will learn what robots are, how they are built, and how we use them today. Best of all, kids of all interests and abilities will get the chance to design and build robot models that really work!

Projects are based on real robotics research!

No computers or special skills needed!

Some of the Amazing Robotics Projects Workshops Available

Find supplies and resources at The Crafts for Learning Robot Store

Hydraulic Robotic Arm

Robot Arm

Build a cardboard model of the fluid-powered robotic arms used in factories. (Video)

Robotic Hand

Robot Hand

Learn how roboticists use cables to make lifelike hands with fingers that really bend.

Frubbery Robotic Skin

Frubbery Skin

Use chemistry to mix up a batch of soft, stretchy humanoid skin. (Video)

Mini Robotic Walker

Robot Mini Walker



Build a gravity-powered walker like those being studied in real robotics labs! (Video)


Pressure Sensor

Make pressure sensors that can give robots a sense of touch. Tilt sensors and accelerometers are used in smart phones and game controllers as well as robots. (Video)



Design your own motorized Art-Making Vibrobot,
a primitive kind of robot that shakes and rattles its way around the table, drawing as it goes! (Video)


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Robotics Book

2012 Chicago Public Library
"Best of the Best"


Making Simple Robots

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