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Make a Mini Makerspace for Kids!

Looking for help creating a makerspace
in your classroom, school, library, or at home?

Invite Kathy to present a Makerspace workshop
for educators, youth group leaders, and parents!

  • Learn easy low tech/no tech projects you can do right now
  • Get advice about which tools and kits are worth the investment

Kathy has helped plan and run community makerspaces like the Tech Valley Center of Gravity as well as kid-centered makerspaces and maker programs in schools, libraries, and afterschool programs around the region. She was also one of the organizers of the Troy Mini Maker Faire in upstate New York.

Looking for ideas? Check out Kathy's books and the suggested resources below. Vendors are recommended. Or buy from and help support Crafts for Learning!

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What to Get Where to Get It

Electronic Parts and Tools

  • batteries (AA/AAA/9V/3V coin batteries)
  • wires (insulated and magnetic)
  • DC toy motors (1.5V, low rpm)
  • LEDs
  • alligator clip wire connectors
  • solar panels
  • on/off switches
  • copper foil tape with conductive glue
  • conductive ink pens/paint
  • e-sewing components

    • conductive thread
    • conductive fabric and trim
    • metal jewelry fasteners (snaps, hooks)
    • metal beads
  • jewelry pliers
  • teflon plastic sheet (for paper generators) (DC motors)

Radio Shack

Jo-Ann Fabrics

Construction Tools and Materials
  • duct tape
  • aluminum duct tape (conductive)
  • electrical tape
  • foam tape/clear extra strength tape
  • clear vinyl tubing
  • corrugated tubing
  • string/rope
  • pulleys
  • PVC pipe and connectors (get it cut at the store)
  • hammer
  • screwdrivers (flat and Phillips head, all sizes from eyeglass on up)
  • pliers (different sizes)
  • wire strippers
  • clamps
  • nuts, bolts, washers (for jewelry as well as fastening)
  • screws (assorted sizes)
  • wood scraps

dollar/discount stores

any hardware store, local or chain

Recycled Devices to Take Apart and/or Hack

  • solar garden lights
  • LED keychains
  • musical/record-able greeting cards
  • mini FM radios
  • mini fans
  • electric toothbrushes
  • calculators
  • digital kitchen thermometers
  • computer mice
  • pagers
  • toy electric guitars and other instruments

Dollar Tree (order in bulk online)


garage sales and thrift stores

Craft and Office Supplies

  • craft sticks
  • pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun
  • glue dots
  • white glue (gallon size for oobleck)
  • adhesive Velcro strips
  • rubber bands (all sizes)
  • paper clips
  • binder clips
  • push pins
  • sewing needles
  • magnets (peel and stick sheets, tape, super)
  • wooden shapes
  • corks
  • brass paper fasteners (brads)
  • googly eyes
  • balloons
  • colored/glitter glue/fabric paint
  • yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon
  • fabric (also see conductive fabric supplies above)
  • small, sharp, pointy scissors
  • patterned scissors


  • cutting mat
  • ruler
  • Model Magic/Sculpey
  • pipe cleaners
  • corrugated cardboard
  • corrugated plastic board
  • washable markers
  • paint (including glow-in-the-dark)
  • notebooks (for keeping records)
  • pens, pencils, permanent markers
  • paper
    • copy paper
    • construction paper
    • card stock
    • origami paper
    • scrapbooking paper
    • handmade paper
    • watercolor/pastel paper
    • tissue paper
    • recycled newspaper and magazines
    • wallpaper samples


AC Moore

Jo-Ann Fabrics

(the above three have weekly coupons)

Dick Blick



Household Supplies

  • flour/corn starch/Borax
  • food coloring
  • plastic knives, forks, spoons, cups
  • foam plates and bowls
  • plastic containers
  • metal and ceramic bowls
  • sponges
  • straws, toothpicks, wooden BBQ skewers, chop sticks
  • aluminum foil
  • wax paper
  • scrap cardboard boxes, tubes, etc.
  • Slurpee tops (makes good UFO part)
  • #6 clear plastic take-out containers (Shrinky Dinks)
  • oral medicine syringes (for hydraulics)
  • silicone tubing and food syringes (for molecular cuisine)
  • fruit, vegetables (for Edible Inventions and Musical Inventions)
  • hair pins, hair clips


dollar stores

drug store

recycling bin

Sports, Games, and Other Miscellany

  • camera (for keeping records and publicity)
  • fishing line (for guitar strings)
  • pool noodles (for ArtBots and game controllers)
  • lightweight sports equipment (toy baseball sets, bowling, tennis)
  • old board games (including Twister)
  • old tools for parts (wrench, hand drills)



toy stores

electronics retailers (see above)

Kickstarter (to find new products)

Storage Ideas

  • plastic storage bins
  • rolling drawers
  • shopping bags/book bags
  • giant ziptop bags
  • tool box/tackle box
  • repurposed furniture (dresser, dining room hutch)
Furniture makerspace

Books and Magazines

Kathy's books:

Books by other authors:

Project How-to Websites

Coding Resources

2D and 3D Modeling

More Resources for Creating a Kid-Friendly Makerspace

Maker Media Education Resources

Dale Doughtery Education newsletter
Maker Ed (including Youth Makerspace Playbook pdf)
Making Possibilities Workshop
Kickstart a Kids’ Makerspace
MakerKids article
Professional Development for Maker Educators

Edutopia: Resources for Maker Education
Instructables: Create a Maker Space for Kids (at home)
NYSCI: How to Teach Soldering to Kids
NYSCI: Maker Program Blueprint (link to pdf)
Scholastic: Creating a Mini Maker Space at Home
Imagination Foundation: Cardboard Challenge (Caine's Arcade)
Colleen Graves: Create + Collaborate Innovate

NYT: Wood Shop Enters the Age of High-Tech

Camp Invention: Take-Apart List


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